Lisa Bühler’s been saying Gah! since 2014, but the feeling was bubbling inside her long before then. After a decade in the fashion industry, Lisa set out to create an anti-shop kind of shop — a space where independent design and community could thrive, where diversity and discovery are sewn into the (deadstock) fabric.

What started from scratch in Lisa’s then-boyfriend, now husband’s San Francisco apartment, has since blossomed at the hands of a tiny team with a bright vision for the future of retail (and a penchant for picking the perfect vintage-y blazer). Lisa Says Gah is anti-fast fashion, pro-community, and always in pursuit of the next Gah! thing.

So, what is “Gah” exactly? We like to think it can’t be bottled or contained. The opposite of “Ugh,” it’s an unbridled outburst-ing of surprise and delight — at an off-kilter ceramic vessel or a nubby cropped sweater or an all-women design collective, at a world where clothes are carefully curated, made for everyone, and here for the long haul.

At Lisa Says Gah, we care about where our clothes come from, and continuously work across our entire supply network to become a more sustainable business. We believe that every touchpoint — from production to packaging — can make an impact. That’s why we’re friendly with our factories, have long-standing relationships with the skilled folks who sew each button and bow for our namesake label made predominately in sunny California, and aim to minimize our environmental footprint through the use of natural fabrics along with dead stock and recycled materials when possible, all packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging.

We carefully select brands and materials that support responsible industries and ways of working.

Have something Gah to tell us?

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